Two Tickets Please

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Two tickets to whatever is happening next, please! That would be a side line to a bit more demo, a few design refinements, some structural consultations, an updated submission to the historical commission, and a completed business plan ready for submission to the NJEDA and a number of other funding resources. We are estimating the renovation costs to be just under a million dollars, so we’re getting creative.  We will produce a few events over the coming year that will help fund specific elements of the project.  We are forming a board of advisors who can bring their own elements of enthusiasm and talent to the table. The creative team is also coming together nicely. I’m continuing to sell paintings to move it all forward (thank you art collectors). Corporate clients are helping with commissioned FingerSmears too. And speaking of FingerSmears – the one I never thought I would give up, “Rock and Roll Voodoo” will be donated to the project. It was created in 1994 with The Rolling Stones at a private Halloween party. I’m searching for a way to let the Stones know about my plans, and hopefully receive their blessings in auctioning/selling this painting to help build the Strand Arts venue. I’m not sure if I can reach them, but I’m working on it. I want them to say ‘go for it’.  Once we have building permits in hand we will move onto windows and plumbing! The grand old girl hasn’t had either of them for over 50 years. I am honored to bring this old gem back to something shiny again. Much fun to come.

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