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Strand Arts is forming a collaborative of artists in the area who are interested in participating, displaying, performing, or teaching.  We are also seeking artists who have the ability to customize their work for corporate clients at Strand Arts. Strand Arts will include a gallery lobby with rotating shows as well as a performance space that features theater, improv, comedy, and readings. We invite all professional artist in the surrounding area to become part of the Strand Arts Collaborative.  We are dedicated to creating paid opportunities for artists during this challenging time as artistic spaces reopen, reimagining how our model can best serve artists, clients, and communities. Together we will support our forward motion and the incubation of creative ideas that energize the present and shape the future. Thank you for the work you make, and for your interest in joining the Strand Arts Collaborative. If you have questions about this form or would like more information about our Artist Outreach and Collaboration efforts, please contact Jane Wesby

Strand Arts Collaborative - Artist Submission Form

Strand Arts Collaborative - Artist Submission Form
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