Renovations Begin

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After two years of contracts, negotiations, city planning boards, historical commissions, and a minor litigation snafu, we are delighted to share the old Strand Theatre is under our care and ownership.  She will shine again, in new and delightful ways.  I’ll continue to share progress as we move forward. I begin this journey by saying thank you to Rachel Finkle for her faith and patience through a complicated sale, to our friends and family who have supported my enthusiasm and occasional distress through the process, and my sweet husband who is really one of the smartest and hardest working guys I know.  We’ve built several cool things together over our 25 years of marriage, and this renovation project is wildly exciting for both of us.  The programing and art that is produced in the completed space will be equally as fulfilling, and hopefully, a bit less messy.

We began taking down the wall coverings and were delighted to find some of the painted remnants of the old theatre walls.  We can see how the floor was elevated and the baseboards were painted on.  We hope to have the building stripped out within the next week so we can see exactly what we’re working with, and where the old gal needs a little love.

This site will soon evolve to include the long list of people who are helping this project take shape, and ways for the community to interact with the upcoming programing. With much love and excitement for what we can build together, more soon!

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  1. That building is another gem! I hope someone with community vision and lots of money can make something wonderful happen there. I wish I had lots of money – it sure would make the process easier. haha.

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